Screen is a great little utility sysadmins can't live without if they spend most of the time on consoles managing the entire infrastructure. Screen allows you create, attach, detach, or even share sessions among your different console sessions. A great example is compiling your linux kernel at the end of the work day, let it run while you head on home, and then hop back onto a console to detach the session and attach it to your current console to continue the make install and reboot procedure. I personally use it to organize my many consoles into logical groupings to make life much easier to manage. ;)


Setting passwords for screen sessions


Setting term type, session and unicode

$ screen -T xterm -S <session> -U

Detach then reattach

$ screen -rd <session>

Access screen session without detaching

$ screen -x <session>

Reattach screen session without useless parent bash process

$ ssh -t <user>@<host> screen -r <session>

Use screen to attach to serial consoles

# screen /dev/ttyUSB0 9600